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First Impression

I’d all but given up trying to catch a Wahoo on my last trip to La Ventana, my 7th year of trying. I’ve fished from Cabo to Loreto catching most of the species I’ve targeted, but seemed be there at the wrong times for Wahoo. We had already fished 3 of 4 days last spring and our guide said “maybe next month or in the fall…”.

One afternoon out in front of the beach house snorkeling, we ran into Chay. He asked where our floats were and when we gave him a dumb look he said, “ I’ll be right back with some gear”. He set us up with safety gear and spears and a little advice for grabbing scallops. We got to talking after returning the gear and I told him about my quest to catch a Wahoo. Chay flashed a big grin and said, “I know where the Wahoo are!”

He took us out the next day (to one of the spots we’d fished previously), put on his diving gear and jumped in. He was back up in minutes with the report, “They’re here and a big pack just swam by!” We trolled the area with the gear he recommended and hooked up within a short time; a nice 40-50 pounder. I thought that was cool until I saw the fish he speared later even larger than the one we caught.

We finished that day with Chay and his lovely wife Linda hosting dinner. He expertly prepared sashimi and grilled Wahoo. Truly one of the finest days I’ve spent in Baja.

Chay is a class act and I look forward to spending more time with him.

Scott Huber

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