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¡Hola from El Sargento!

Well, this has been quite an interesting full year. Hope it was a good one for you and that 2013 will bring more fun adventures your way!

Some of you have been here recently and have seen the changes we are making while in progress. Some of you we haven’t seen in a while and will be surprised by all that has been done since your last visit! We have been busy building comfortable rooms and increasing the common area for you to enjoy. We now have five new guest rooms, three with their own private bathrooms. One is a second story suite with an awesome view and its own little balcony, where you will be able to see La Ventana Bay from a new perspective. There will soon be a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your dinners if you choose, as well as having the convenience that access to a kitchen provides. For those of you who like sleeping out under the stars on cots, that is still an option. Our intention has been to increase our infrastructure in ways that offer new comforts (although we know some of you just loved those tents!) and we are sure you will be happy with the results.

Take a look at the calendar and see when you can get yourself down here next! The Yellowtail are definitely here in numbers! Beto has a big grin on his face and Evi has been very lucky these days.

Chay is off to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday with Chris (Chaput of Sea Sniper) to attend The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Show there. It is our first time participating, and Chay isn’t quite sure what to expect. We are hoping it will be a good way to get the word out about what we have to offer those who love this sport.

Oh yeah! I haven’t mentioned that we got our new website up and running. Please take a few minutes to check it out and let us know what you think:

We have scheduled the Thetis Bank trips for this year and you can find all the info below as well as on our website.

We appreciate you and the support you’ve given us over the years and want you to know that we are looking forward to many more new adventures and much memory making.

Ciao for now,
Linda & Chay

*As many of you know, we had a wedding here on the premises in October and found that our location is a great spot for such an occasion. We enjoy co-creating this type of event and are wanting to offer that service as part of what we do here. So, if any of you (or someone you know) are looking for a special atmosphere for a unique celebration, get in touch and find out how we can help to make that happen. Thanks!

Upcoming Trips: 2013 Thetis Bank Trip

Pacific Plan – We’re all in this together!

Where: The Pacific side off Magdalena Bay
When: Oct 27 – Nov 3 2013 ( 1st Trip )
Nov 3 – Nov 10 2013 ( 2nd trip )
Cost: $1,350.00 U.S. Dlls per person + Tax

What is Included?

  • 3 Nights accommodations in our comfortable brand new rooms.
  • 4 Nights “luxury camping” at Magdalena Island. We provide tents, sleeping pads, blankets, pillows, beach chairs, generator for re-charging video/camera batteries, etc. Kitchen facility and cooks, tools to work/repair equipment.
  • All meals.
  • Fish Cleaning and storage.
  • Clean, well maintained Boats with radios, GPS and 4 stroke engines.
  • The best Captains in the area.
  • We welcome rod and reel fishermen too!!

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( Discount applies if reserving spot before May 30th )

The health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority

We have been staying up to date on statements made by the World Health Organization and Local authorities about health protocols pertaining to COVID19 and implemented several procedures to stay proactive and healthy.