About Us

We’ve been here in La Ventana Bay for 20 years. Over the past ten years our home has evolved into a private villa resort just steps from the sea.  We cater to single sport enthusiasts as well as groups and families that are looking for the perfect getaway.

Our friendly personal service and location can lead to a great stay, whether you are interested in a spear-fishing and kite-boarding based holiday or simply looking for a great place to enjoy the natural beauty and adventure of Baja.

Chay has created beautifully hand crafted accommodations including five guest rooms situated around a communal patio. We have spectacular views of the Bay and a fully equipped kitchen for your use.

Being a small family resort we focus on service and quality which gives the feeling of visiting with friends and family.

We look forward to meeting you on your stay!

Meet Chay

about_ChaySea Sniper Baja is owned and operated by Chay M. Ochoa, who was born and raised in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Chay is an expert spear fisherman who knows well the waters in the south regions of Baja California, Mexico. Many years ago he decided to dedicate his life, along with his wife Linda, to the sea, transforming a passion into a lifestyle.Growing up in La Paz afforded lots of opportunity to explore the beautiful waters surrounding this peninsula. He became hooked on diving and his involvement with spear fishing started at a young age. He then followed that interest to the University. While there, making a degree in Marine Biology his focus, Chay was able to spend plenty of time below the surface not only in the classroom.

Chay continued with his passion for diving while living on the California Coast, which included abalone hunting as well as spearing fish. The natural next step was to start running guided trips to the places that he loves in his homeland, and now Sea Sniper Baja is doing just that.

Leading groups of divers who have the same passion to experience the beauty of the Baja waters and the rich sea life here has been a wonderful way to share his knowledge, expertise and life’s passion for the sea. Whether you enjoy fishing from the surface, or from the depths, Chay and Sea Sniper Baja will help to make your experience one you won’t forget.


Boats & Captains

Our pangeros (boat captains) come from a long tradition of commercial fishing. Wherever you find yourself in Baja, if you mention fishermen from El Sargento/La Ventana area, people will take their hats off. They are respected for their willingness to migrate with the fish if necessary, and for their knowledge of the oceans surrounding the Peninsula, both on the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific side.

We feel lucky to have established first of all friendship as well as a working relationship with a select group of them. Over the years we have been able to observe them being influenced by their exposure to our sport and expressing their respect for mother nature and her bounty in new ways. Each of our licensed captains owns and maintains his own boat in a professional manner. Each is outfitted with a four-stroke Honda engine and equipped to provide a comfortable, safe outing to the fishing grounds. We can easily accommodate groups of three to nine sportsmen and larger groups can be arranged for special events.


The health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority

We have been staying up to date on statements made by the World Health Organization and Local authorities about health protocols pertaining to COVID19 and implemented several procedures to stay proactive and healthy.