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Magdalena Bay Expeditions

8-Day Pacific Side/Mag Bay Spearfishing Excursion August 2nd ~ 9th August 9th ~ 16th September 6th ~ 13th September 13th ~ 20th(October and/or November group excursions available upon request) Book Your Next Trip Today We are timing our trips to Baja’s Pacific coast to take full advantage of the best weather conditions and fish presence […]

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Want to clear that mid-winter slump?

¡Hola from Baja! We wake each morning to an incredible chorus of desert birds singing their way into an early spring. We have been seeing lots of chipmunks, iguanas, lizards of various types, jack rabbits and an abundance of creatures of the insect variety ;)) Spring is almost here and Baja is basking in sunlight! […]

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2014 Could be your year of the BIG ONE!

¡Happy New Year from El Sargento! Thanks to you! our donations to local families made 2013’s Holiday Season more cheerful and fishful! The new year is unrolling even faster than the last! Thank you! for supporting us in increasing our business while helping to make it possible for us to donate to local families at […]

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Come enjoy these beautiful waters with us!

¡Hola from El Sargento! While walking Sophie on our long sandy beach this morning, we couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer beauty surrounding us. As many of you know, La Ventana Bay is breath-taking when that sun comes up out of the water and spreads color all around us. With the recent rains, the […]

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Summer is Here for Real!

¡Hola from El Sargento! So, the month of June flew by! We have been busy hosting fun groups from different parts of the world. We have also had the good fortune of having our granddaughter Chloe McDaniel with us for several weeks now! She is a welcome addition to the Sea Sniper Baja energy. :)) […]

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May, One of Our Favorite Months!

¡Hola from El Sargento! May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, a special Quinceañera, return visit by the Boys from the Basque Country ~ all in the first half of this month! The days are long and leisurely, and the weeks just seem to fly by here in sunny Baja. We had Linda’s 83 year […]

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The Temperature is Rising

¡Hola from El Sargento! Well, the wind has definitely settled down and the temperature is rising here in La Ventana Bay. We have had some awesome days, and this morning the water is again calm and beautiful. Looks like a huge lake out there. Chay is out there with rod and reel today trying to […]

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The Yellowtail are Still Here!

¡Hola from El Sargento! We’ve returned to Baja after three weeks in the US and are glad to report that Chay got in the water on Saturday and is back out there again today! We are having Yellowtail sashimi and Cabrilla (al mojo de ajo) for dinner tonight. Love fishing/spearing the Baja! It was a […]

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Un maravilloso lugar de nuestro planeta!

La primera vez que viajamos a Baja California Sur desde nuestra tierra, Euskal Herria, no sabíamos con lo que nos íbamos a encontrar, por eso la sorpresa fue tan agradable: Un maravilloso lugar de nuestro planeta, con grandes pescados, temperaturas agradables y el sol brillando a diario sobre las aguas del golfo de California. Sin […]

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We have something to show you…

¡Hola from El Sargento! Well, this has been quite an interesting full year. Hope it was a good one for you and that 2013 will bring more fun adventures your way! Some of you have been here recently and have seen the changes we are making while in progress. Some of you we haven’t seen […]

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The health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority

We have been staying up to date on statements made by the World Health Organization and Local authorities about health protocols pertaining to COVID19 and implemented several procedures to stay proactive and healthy.