Other Adventures


Whether a beginner or an expert you will enjoy the fabulous beaches and some of the best Kiteboarding in Baja. The La Ventana area is known for some of the best Kiteboarding on the planet because of the long season and warm waters. You’ll appreciate the consistent wind speeds of 17-25 mph with El Norte days in excess of 30 mph. Our private beachside villa, located in an ideal position for down-winders, is the perfect place to store your gear, clean up, hang out and relax after a great day on the water.


Bring your underwater camera and join us for some of the finest freediving in the world. Jacques Cousteau called it the “world’s aquarium”: a place of flying mobula rays, frolicking sea lions and colorful reef fish. Its abundant sea life will certainly have you holding your breath for more. Whale sharks migrate vast distances and make seasonal appearances. but they seem to find it hard to leave the Sea of Cortez. They may even be year round residents. Delight in swimming with these magnificent creatures! Experience the peace of being submerged and the feeling of becoming part of the ocean. We love seeing our guests break the surface with huge smiles on their faces.


Step off the treadmill and hit the dirt. El Sargento/La Ventana area has great mountain biking trails that can satisfy everyone from beginners to advanced riders. Enjoy the beautiful coastline as you are working up a sweat or just leisurely cruising.

The health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority

We have been staying up to date on statements made by the World Health Organization and Local authorities about health protocols pertaining to COVID19 and implemented several procedures to stay proactive and healthy.