October 2016
Another great trip with Chay! Four days of fishing, we’ve caught roosters,  Dorado’s, and tons of reef fish, missed a shot at the wahoo. Four of us bring home tons and tons of great memories, thanks to Chay and Linda for their hospitality and great food. Also thanks to Sapo and Beto for their great services and fish locating skills. We all hope to see you again next year, thanks again!
~Austin Lee

I couldn’t imagine a more sublime place in Baja. The friendly couple who own and run Sea Sniper Baja have created an oasis. The gorgeous rooms are tucked in among beautiful trees and plants. The beach there is white and sandy and you can snorkel out front, or Chay will take you out to beautiful reefs, islands, or into the blue water for fishing (he is btw, a fish whisperer.) We go there to kite surf, hike, and mountain bike as well as fish and feel fortunate we found this place!

If you’re lucky, they’ll make sashimi for you that is incredible!
~Mary Brookman

“Chay puts on a great spearfishing experience. The 5-day live-aboard boat trip to the north islands with Carlos as Captain was comfortable, clean and the meals were delicious. Chay put us on some nice fish, both in blue water and reef sites. I was able to load up my cooler with yellowtail, pargo, huachinango and AJs.

I even got a few personal bests on huachinango & cabrilla.

Thanks for the great adventure!

~Dave Cook

2016 Las Animas Liveaboard:

Chay & Linda, and all at Sea Sniper Baja put togeth4er a truly fantastic adventure for us. From arrival to departure the trip was seamless, showing a great deal of preparation given the significant logistics involved.

The accommodations, warm hospitality, gourmet meals and Chay’s genuine desire to put us on quality fish and diving experiences highlighted the trip for me. Chay was willing and capable of meeting the group’s needs/desires as the trip evolved. The entire crew and group of divers were a great collection of personalities and made for a memorable time.

Many thanks to all at Sea Sniper Baja; I look forward to my next adventure with you all!

~Tim Charland

I went to Sea Sniper Baja to dive with Chay and his team as a relatively new spear fisherman (about 1 yr experience). At first it was a little intimidating but that went away quickly when I realized that the team from Sea Sniper Baja was there to help.

On our 5-day boat trip all over the Sea of Cortez, I learned an enormous amount. Great spearos and new guys like me mixed well, and we were all able to get fish. The captain of the boat, Carlos, had a great crew and they ran very fluid dive operations that were uninterrupted.

Living on a boat in the majestic Sea of Cortez for five days with the ability to spend so much time hunting fish that even the hardest divers needed a break was truly spectacular! Chay and the SSB team kept us charging after fish and the boat crew was waiting for us after an exhausting day with great food, great people and a comfortable home away from home.

Now that the trip is over, I have a long list of things I learned; some great spearfishing stories, memories from the beautiful Sea of Cortez, and I’m exhausted! What else could a spearo want. . .

~Greg Rothaus

Cody wrote: “Just got back from a live on board spear fishing trip through some of the best hunting in the Sea of Cortez and OMG! Access to islands and sea mounts where people rarely go due to time and distance to travel, way out; traveling and living on a Yacht with a great crew and fellow harponeadors, making new friends; easy access due to the fact the yacht would travel at night to let us board the pangas with typically minimal travel time to our destination, the amount of marine life, schools of hundreds of game fish (amber jack, red snapper and dog tooth pargo); spearing with hammerheads circling above (was not too sad to miss my fish here); deepest dives ever; bioluminescent Dolphins swimming at the bow of the boat in the dark totally lit up, and fish to add to my Baja catch list. It was the experience of a lifetime. Thank you Chay Ochoa of Sea Sniper Baja for such an amazing trip.”

Sea Sniper Baja is the premier spear fishing charter for the serious hardcore spear fisherman. It really doesn’t get any better than this in Baja. The combination of boat captains, panga, and accommodations make Sea Sniper Baja the only choice for me.

~Brandon Ward

ps: Chay & Linda are amazing people…and if you can beat Chay at pool, you get a free trip! Haha

Five Star Rating! This is my 3rd consecutive year at Sea Sniper Baja and have enjoyed every year. The accommodations are amazing. Along with Chay & Linda, they are the most wonderful people to be around. Diving with their team of captains has been unforgettable. I will be coming back to this magical place for many years to come. THANKS!

~Kory Bersuch

Thank you Linda and Chay! By far, the best spearfishing outfit out there. Love the sleeping arrangements, the boats, accommodations and most of all the company. It’s places like this that friendships are born! Also, paying the over-weight charge on y return flight for fish is all worth it. Thanks again!

~Todd Bersuch

Object: a full immersion in the world of spear fishing


My experience with Sea Sniper Baja was outstanding. Both owners are super nice and really genuine people who just enjoy talking with their guests. Chay is an expert spear fisherman and is happy to share his experience and wisdom. He has a fully equipped workshop where he helped me setting up my gear for the first time and even let me use some of his own gear when mine was damaged. He replaced my slip-tip for me so I could fish the next day. He and his captains are up to date on fishing conditions and will do their best to take you to the spots with the highest chances of getting big fish. The boat picked us up on the beach in front of the B&B and dropped us off there at the end of the day. Most of your gear can stay on the boat for the next day and igets rinsed by the captain. Chay and his staff will weigh your biggest catch and even clean it for you!

The place is decorated in a really nice rustic colonial style, which blends in perfectly with the view of the Sea of Cortez.

A fully functional kitchen was key to let us cook some of the catch and Linda was always really helpful with cooking advice and a few basic ingredients you always miss (e.g. salt, lime, etc.).

On a 5 day trip we landed some 50 pound amberjacks, several red snappers, pargo, cabbala and a 100 pound marlin! Really cool experience!

~Gianpaolo Lisi